SOS Retail Bags

  • Free-standing paper bags with 6 large flat sides perfect for displaying your brand.
  • The base fold is designed to avoid the sifting of fine powders and granules.
  • Incorporate a window into the design for optimal viewing, or add handles for easy-use functionality.
  • Single-ply and multi-ply structures available in 250g to 25kg bag sizes.


  • Stands up on shelf for unique shelf presentation in retail environments.
  • Holds any kind of powder or granule.
  • Designed to be filled automatically on sack filling equipment.


  • Custom window shape options available for display purposes.
  • Option for fully laminated inner to keep contents fresh.
  • Window enables customers to see inside the packaging and offers premium product presentation.
  • Poly-lined and heat- sealable.
  • Optional tin-tie feature. 


  • Paper bag used for packaging smaller retail packages as a convenient and cost effective alternative to cartons.
  • Easy-open tear tab feature is available, meaning a knife is not required for opening which improves operator safety and minimising damage to the products inside.
  • Simple or complex custom printing available including bar-coding. 

Laminate Bags

  • Duplex or triplex laminates available to achieve innovative custom looks.
  • High quality graphics with metallised finish create premium look and shelf appeal.

Bulk Bags

  • Suitable for products weighing 5-15kg.
  • Handle can be added for customer convenience.