Can End Bags

  • Long satchel bags designed specifically to contain steel can lids and protect from dirt, moisture and scratching.
  • A variety of sizes and designs available to suit your operations, these paper bags are highly breathable to avoid corrosion and have enough rigidity for easy de-bagging. 
  • Machine-made, these bags are also available in extra long sizes of 1380mm+.
  • Can be printed with a coloured identification stripe, or a julien date for traceability.
  • Optional heat-sealable patch can be re-activated on an automated can-end machine for simple and effective sealing.


  • Brown kraft satchel bag made with High Wet Strength (HWS) paper for durability against condensation.
  • Ideal for collecting soil samples, as the paper is breathable.
  • Easy to record information on the large flat sides.
  • Easy sealing with the attached tin-tie.

Wicketed Bags

  • Paper window bags designed to run on high-speed auto bread filling lines.
  • We are the only company in the Southern Hemisphere with wicketing capability.
  • Flexographic print up to 8 colours perfectly replicates your artwork to bring you brand to life.


  • Strip window available in flat or satchel bags.
  • Optional perforations are available to enhance breathability.
  • Window bags create brand appeal and differentiation by allowing customers to view the product.
  • Different poly linings (PP, PE) are available depending on application. 
  • Ideal for use in bakeries for loaves of bread.

Flat & Satchel

  • Inexpensive range of flat and satchel bags available in bleach and brown kraft papers.
  • Can be printed up to 8 colours on our flexographic print presses, or printed ‘inline’ for an economic alternative.
  • Commonly used for toast, glasses and sanitary napkins.

Flat Bags

  • Can be used for a broad range of products.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.