• Available in standard “E” and “F” flute combinations.
  • Products can be hand or machine erected and filled being manufactured with precision tooling.


  • Available in standard and sift proof configuration for direct fill products.
  • Can be custom designed with zipper openings and reclose features, or pour spouts.


  • Products made with specialised ovenable board suitable for par-baking and re-heating in conventional, microwave and combi ovens up to 220oC, without any risk of setting alight.
  • Available with polyethylene (PET) lining for release properties.
  • Can be custom printed with special inks to ensure the cartons continue to perform under extreme heat conditions. 

Windows & Embossing

  • Any of the Detmold Packaging products can be fitted with internal cut outs.
  • Multiple window materials and sizes available to show off your products in pack.
  • Can be custom designed for close register of print to embellishment.


  • Available for Bottle, Can or Pouch products in multiple configurations.

Shelf-Ready Trays

  • Sturdy E and F micro-flute structure can hold multiple products, and display them effectively on the supermarket shelf.
  • High quality print on a variety of materials, including glossy claycoat papers, for instant shelf appeal.
  • Innovative tray designs, including tear perforations for additional functionality.


  • Annually-renewable board made with a by-product of sugar cane production, making it an environmentally friendly material choice.
  • 100% compostable and 100% recyclable.
  • Excellent print surface for branding.
  • Is a natural fibre totally free of bleach and dyes.
  • Lined with compostable PLA for moisture and grease resistance.

Food Pails

  • The poly lining provides an excellent moisture and grease barrier, so this product can withstand sauces and dressings.
  • Excellent print capability.
  • Food pails have an in-built lid so there is no need for a separate lid product. 


  • Poly-lined meaning it’s fit for saucy foods and salad dressings.
  • Hinged lid enables quick filling, and easy access by consumers.
  • Large viewing window option available for premium presentation.


  • PE lined and designed to hold hot liquid.
  • Available as a single wall, or a double wall design for added insulation.
  • Can be custom printed for excellent brand presentation.
  •  A compostable alternative using a bio-film lining is also available. 

Pressed Trays

  • Suitable for use in Microwave, Conventional and Combination Ovens
  • Can be custom printed with multi-colour graphics and will not show bumps and dents
  • Paperboard make up allows for unrestricted metal detection in final filling process
  • Superior frozen properties – will not shatter or dent during the distribution process
  • Available with black or white inner 
  • Download the Pressed Trays brochure here