Printing and Coating

We have the very latest in print technology available, and our print quality is regularly recognised within the industry.

Printing Presses

We run a range of 8-10 colour wide format flexographic presses that utilise the latest in technology. These print presses offer industry leading print quality as well as the flexibility to apply inline coatings and print on both sides of the substrate. We also print in-line on many of our converting lines which provides a very cost effective solution for our customers. Our carton and cup plants also offer offset and gravure printing to cater for specific designs and technical requirements.


As well as applying barrier and functional coatings, we have extensive waxing capability and expertise. Waxing is a cost-effective and versatile means to provide release and barrier properties to a variety of products. We can control very fine wax application tolerances and offer surface (burger) waxing or dry waxing across a range of substrates from light weight tissues up to heavy weight krafts. We also offer a range of specialist waxes with functionality such as heat sealing, high gloss and high melting points.

Promotional Printing

We have the ability to run high value, secure promotional activities right through to simple variable print designs. We can help to turn your packaging into an engaging communication vehicle between you and your consumers.

Whether it be through printing unique codes, applying stickers and tip-ons, seeding prizes, augmented reality, 2D bar coding, or simply mixing designs across a print web we can support your promotional requirements.