Paper Sheets and Rolls

We offer highly competitive printing, coating, slitting, sheeting, laminating, coating and die cutting due to our wide web capability (up to 1530mm) and high levels of equipment and process investment across all plants.

Some of the products we currently produce for well known consumer food brands are:

  • Interleaving sheets for meats, bakery and other frozen foods
  • Die cut shapes for dairy packaging
  • Folded or flat sheets, rolls and die cut shapes suitable for confectionery
  • Printed paper rewind and laminates for the outer wrap on paper towels, cutlery and other dry goods
  • Spectacleâ„¢ window rewind for ready to eat meals, pasta and dry foods
  • Coated pallet liners and interleaving sheets for load protection and stability

Where required we can also offer tailored packaging solutions including gloss and lamination for specific barrier and visual properties, and coefficient of friction (COF) control for slip and scuff requirements and to ensure high speed, trouble free filling at our customer’s facilities.